Thursday, March 31, 2011

A little Planner Makeover!

I have been reading Organize Now! by Jennifer Berry and I love all the great ideas that she gives to help simplify and organize your life!! One of the suggestions is how to use a daily/monthly planner to help keep your life in order. Of course being a teacher, mother, and wife means my planner is like my bible, I can't live without it! For some reason I picked a boring, down right not exciting planner for this year. Why? I don't know I guess I must of been in a hurry when buying it and didn't think twice, so I decided it was time to give it a make over.

I started by choosing two coordinating pieces of scrapbook paper, some ribbon, and a few number stickers.

Next, I cut the scrap book paper to size and using Modge Podge I stuck it to the front of my planner. Then using my decorative scissors I cut my second piece of scrapbook paper and used my Modge Podge and layered it on top of the first scarp book paper.

Now, I was ready to add my decorative ribbon. I began by weaving it in and out through the existing three ring wholes that were already in the planner and tied a nice bow at the bottom.

Finally, I added my number stickers to label the current year, and there you have it a Planner Makeover.

This is much better than the boring, ugly planner I was using, don't you think?

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Allison {A Glimpse Inside} said...

Very cute! It is much better! Thanks for linking up!

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