Monday, June 28, 2010

Splash into summer

What a better way to enjoy summer with great friends than a Splash party! Thanks Kim for planning a wonderful day of fun with friends for both mommies and kiddos! It was great to see the kids playing with each other, jumping from pool to pool, swinging on the swing set, and playing in the playhouse. Us mommies were able to share funny stories, and relax with a nice glass of ice water while snacking on a yummy picnic lunch. I am so thankful for living in a community where you can pick up right where you left off even if it has been months since your last visit together. This is what I call a great summer day, I hope you have a great summer day!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lady bug, Lady bug fly away home

Many of our summer days are spent outside playing, yesterday was no different when we discovered a ladybug. Ava loves ladybugs! After what seemed liked forever she was able to catch the ladybug and allow it to crawl all over her arms and tummy. I smiled with delight while she giggled as the ladybug used her as a new found road way.

All the sudden it hit me, my little princess was growing up too quickly! In just two short weeks she will be turning three! Where has time gone? I can still remember bringing her home from the hosiptal, she was such a little peanut. Next, came her first birthday party which was a ladybug theme. We released over 3,000 live ladybugs. Yes, it was great. Its funny how a simple little ladybug can take me back to such great, loving memories.

It just amazes me how fast they grow. I am so thankful for each and every adventure that we share together and I am looking forward to many more! Mommy and Daddy love you little peanut!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Remarkable Dad's

As a little girl I can remember a framed needle point that hung in my parent’s room for years. It wasn't until I was much older that I truly understood its meaning. "Anyone can be a father but it takes a special man to be a Dad!" This is so true and I have been truly blessed to have such a remarkable Dad! He has been here for me in every adventure that life brings. He is a hardworking devoted Dad, husband, and businessman. He has always been loving and stern when it was necessary. With the support of my mother both my parents have helped mold me into the strong loving person that I am today. My Dad gave me the foundation that I needed and the true meaning of family. I am very fortunate to have found a husband that shares many of the same qualities that my dad has. I have a husband who loves and supports me in everything that I do and most of all he is a great Dad. We had a wonderful time celebrating father's day together. What a better way to honor two great Dads’ then boating on the river followed by a wonderful BBQ!

Friday, June 18, 2010


The rain has finally stopped, the winds are gone, the sun is out, and the bulbs are beginning to bloom, yeah summer is here! I love summer for many reasons, but most of all because I am able to be home with my daughter. My days are now filled making special memories together. Most days you can find us working in the garden, playing outside in the playhouse, swimming, or playing at the park. In just the two short weeks of vacation my daughter has learned to peddle her tricycle all on her own. Thank goodness because I don't know how much more my back could take bending over to push her up and down the sidewalk. We have many adventures planned for this summer and the most exciting is we are going to be moving!! We have purchased my grandfather's ranch home and starting in July we will be busy working on remodeling and getting settled into the country life. As for now I hope you too are enjoying summer sitting back and sipping on ice tea!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fair Time

Wow, our busy week has finally come to an end. Growing up in a small rural community gives us the great pleasure of being a big part of our County fair. We spent last week moving all of my classroom materials from one school to another since I will be teaching within the same district but at a different site. I am very excited for the change but I do believe that I could have done without having to pack up 10 years of teaching. Once this large task was complete we set out from many play dates and fair activities. Growing up in a small rural community gives us the great pleasure of being a big part of our county fair. Our daughter Ava was very excited about the fair. We made sure to stop at all the exhibit halls and look at the numerous talents that we have within our community. Wow, it was amazing! I entered a "Down on the Farm" quilt and received 1st place and two baked goods which also received placings. It was then off the see the 4-H and FFA animals which Ava loved! With a 2 year old, (almost 3) there is no possible way that we could go to the fair and not ride the carnival rides. The beaming smile on her face explained it all as she rode each and every ride in the kiddy area!

We are now preparing for a fun and relaxing summer that will be spent with family and friends! Hope all of you are enjoying your summer as well!

Friday, June 4, 2010

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

A country girl in the City!

Ava locating all the fish at the Aquarium!

One of many beautiful sites at the Japanese Tea Gardens.

The fruit was amazing!!!

My little family at the Giants Game!

After a busy weekend she finally gives up and is out!

This past weekend my husband, I, and our daughter enjoyed a wonderful trip to the city, San Francisco. We love San Francisco and there is always so much to do and see; this past weekend was no exception! We started out early Sunday morning with our destination being the Academy of Sciences located in Golden Gate Park. Our daughter Ava loved seeing the Aquarium features, the Rain Forest, and much, much more. We even came home with a snake, a fake one of course. I found this very funny since my father is scared to death of snakes. Needless to say she couldn't wait to get home to show her Popi her new pet. We then took a short walk to visit the Japanese Tea Gardens and the beautiful Rose Gardens.

Luckily, our fun didn't stop here! We loaded into the car and made our way to Pier 39 & Fisherman's Wharf. The weather was perfect, shorts and a sweatshirt was all that was needed even late into the night. We ate at Joe's Crab Shack, which Ava loved, her smile explained it all. She danced the night away! After dinner we made our way to Pier 39 with much to see and do. The fruit stand they had was amazing! I could have spent all night eating many varieties of delicious fruit. Of course you can't visit Pier 39 and not stop to see and chat with the Sea Lions. We were very fortunate to be able to celebrate their 39th anniversary at Pier 39! We began to make our way back to our hotel which was walking distance from Pier 39 and settle in for the night! Thanks to Auntie Holly Ava had to make sure she jumped on the beds before going to sleep. This is a wonderful skill that my sister (Auntie Holly) taught Ava when she was a year and a half old. Fortunately, we did get Ava to understand that we only do this at hotels.

The next morning was beautiful as well! We made our way down to Boudin Bread Co. and had a great breakfast. With our Tummies full we went for a walk along the Pier before heading to the Giants game!

AT&T Park is beautiful. They did a great job putting together a wonderful dedication to all our service men & women in honor of Memorial Day. We had wonderful seats to watch our Giants, unfortunately, they didn't win but, we still enjoyed ourselves. On our walk back to the car our dear little Ava finally crashed while hitching a ride on her daddy's shoulders. This is very rare for my non-stop little girl. With a fun and busy weekend behind us she finally felt she could take a little rest and not miss out on anything.

I am very fortunate to have such a great family and be able to enjoy our little family get-a-ways! We hope your weekend was full of family and fun as well!