Monday, March 14, 2011

Headband holder

This weekend was great! I was able to get so much accomplished it was scary! One of the many things that I accomplished was making this great headband holder. I found this somewhere out in blog land and finally had some time to make one of my own.

Materials you will need for this project:

* Oatmeal Container
* Hot glue gun
* Modge Podge
* Scrap booking paper
* Ribbon
* Embellishments

How to make it:

1. Start by finding the scrap booking paper of your choice. I choose something that would look good in my newly, not yet finished Beach themed bathroom.

2. Carefully measure your paper so that it will cover your container completely, then cut as needed.

3. Using your Modge Podge carefully cover the entire container with Modge Podge. Next, start applying the paper to your container. Be sure to place paper carefully on the container watching for any wrinkles or bubbles in your paper.

4. Once your paper is completely on the container cover the paper with a layer of Modge Podge. This will make the paper extra secure and give it a nice shine.

5. With the ribbon of your choice wrap it around the top and bottom of your container. Apply a small dot of hot glue to the start and end of your ribbon. This is enough to hold it securely in place.

6. Cut a circle from your scrap booking paper to cover the lid of your oatmeal container. Modge Podge this on as well just as you did in steps 3 & 4 above.

7. Add your own embellishments and special touches to make it yours! I choose to use the ribbon to make a bow and added a few pearls to jazz it up!

There you go a great way to store your headbands and it cost me under $2.00. I had all the supplies on had, I just purchased the scrap booking paper to match.

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J A C Q U E L I N E said...

I knew there was a great reason for saving all those oatmeal containers. Thanks...No more headbands all over the house

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Super cute idea Kelli! Thanks for joining my newbie party. Enjoy.

Christine said...

What a great idea! love it. I have a lot of kirkland formula cans that are about this tall. I will definitely copy this! Thanks for following me, I'm following you back now! :)

Anonymous said...

That is very cute! Great job!

Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads said...

Great idea! I'm amazed that you are a full time teacher and have time to blog. I'm a retired teacher!

Yvonne@StyleBurb said...

This is a super idea! I'm also thinking I could fill the container with hair accessories and give it as a gift to a little girl! I'm visiting from Debbie's newbie party.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

What a great idea! The cost sure sounds right, I love the comment before mine, you could store accessories in the container too! I am visiting from Debbie Doos and and I am your newest follower, hope you will stop by for a visit and follow me back.


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