Thursday, October 7, 2010

Princess Cookies

My daughter loves to help in the kitchen, yes at times it is help and other times I want to scream "help me"! I try to let her help as much as possible. After a long day of work all I wanted to do was sit for five minutes, however, I soon realized that was not going to be the case. Just as I plopped down and the couch Ava came running to me with a great big hug and asked, "mommy can we please make princess cookies?" With her adorable smile I couldn't say no. I pried myself from the couch and we begun making her version of "Princess Cookies". It seemed that once the two of us were in the kitchen together I found the energy to keep going through the evening. There is just something about the love and energy that I get from Ava that seems to make me believe I can do anything!! Thank Miss Princess for picking mommy up after a long day.

So are you wondering what princess cookies are????? They are absolutely delicious and you can make them yourself any time!

My little Baker!

Very focused on rolling the dough!

Very proud of her finished product!

The final batch of "Princess Cookies"!

There you have it, "Princess cookies are any cookies made by a princess, and must wear a crown proudly. This time our "Princess cookies" were double chocolate chip, of course there were a few chocolate chips missing since every princess gets hungry!


Sonya said...

I'm glad I now understand princess cookies! Thanks for stopping by my blog! What do you teach?

Kim's Treasures said...

Very cute! I bet they were the best cookies ever! I think I need a tiara!

ashleigh said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your daughter is so cute!!

Candace@craftysisters-nc said...

Adorable! I wish I had a little girl to make princess cookies with!

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