Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Blue Room.... Peaceful!

This is the room without the gold carpet!

We have a huge window that looks out over out front yard and an absolutely beautiful view of the foothills!

Our love seat looks out the window at our beautiful view!

I have white drapes to add to the country beach theme. The other half of the room has a leather recliner & open space. I love space so I am not looking to fill it up but I do need to get to work on adding some wall decor!

In our new house we have a family room and a living room. I have wanted to have a soft blue room that was crisp, clean, and cozy for everyone to enjoy. With the purchase of our new home I finally was able to get my blue room. This room was carpeted with a very bright gold carpet and plain white walls. We began by tearing out the horrible carpet, then painted the walls "etched glass" by Martha Stewart, added white base boards and crown molding, and finally installed a ceiling fan. I still have a long way to go with decorating but I love hanging out in there. To me there is something about the blue that is so peaceful. I'm working towards decorating in a country beach theme. I am planning on doing a little more this weekend so I will continue to update you as my room evolves!

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