Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's That Time

It's that time of year again where we rarely see my husband, Yes its harvest time! With all the crazy weather that we've had this year things are a little behind schedule so it seems that harvest will be short but extremely busy! All the vineyards are ready at the same time so my poor husband will be driving all over to be sure that harvest is going on without any complications! As for our poor daughter she doesn't understand why her daddy is not home when she is going to bed. Poor thing, she asked yesterday morning if daddy was coming home today! She was lucky and got to spend some time with daddy last night before heading to bed but it is still not the same to her! I try to make sure that I spoil him with all kinds of yummy treats and great meals. I made him a peach Kretchen that he loves and that seem to hit the spot for him. I'm still not sure what mouth watering dinner I will make tonight, but as long as the hubby has a good meal ready for him when he gets home he's happy which means everyone else is happy too! Happy Grape Harvest everyone, just think in about a month we'll be busy with rice harvest, hopefully!!


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