Monday, September 13, 2010

New to Blogging. . . .Sorry!

Ok, so as many of you already know I am new to the whole blogging scene! I have found so many wonderful ideas from people all around the world. I love doing crafts, but it seemed that after having my daughter I fell off the craft wagon and lost my inspiration. Things were too crazy with a little one and working full time as a teacher. Luckily with the blogging I am getting back into crafting and loving it. I have recreated many crafts that I have found online from all sorts of bloggers. I am trying to figure this whole blogging out and for some reason I can't seem to figure out how to link to the bloggs in which I got my inspirations from. I want to say sorry to Jenn from Larson's Love for not linking your blog up to my last post. I loved your laundry room and thought that it would be great in mine as well. So if anyone can give me any tips on how to link blogs to my entries I would love the advice. As for Jenn thank you for all your great ideas that have inspired me to jump back into the crafting lifestyle.



Terri said...

to add a link on a seperate screen pull up the actual post or website that you would like to link up. Click in the top http/ to highlight it and right click to hit copy. Go back to your blog you are typing and click add link, paste the text that you just highlighted into the box and change the words above to see what you want them to say, example would be that the actual http would be very long but you could change the wording to just say Crafty Workin Mommy. I hope that makes sense

Jenglamgirl said...

HI Kelli~

Thank you so much for the apology and for thinking of me. I am always happy to inspire any and everyone. You did do a great job on the laundry room and I am so thrilled you were inspired by me. Blogging is alot of fun and there are new tips and tricks that take some time to learn. Its not that hard though, which is the good thing. Terri is right she explained it perfectly. You can also link by adding ones blog button like you just did in this post. Thanks again, and I hope you have a super week. Jen

Jenglamgirl said...

Oh' WHOOPS, the button doesn't go anywhere. So to add someones button you simply go their blog highlight and copy their button code then hit "CTRL C" to copy it, then go to your post and hit "Edit" then hit in the upper right corner "Edit Html" then "Ctrl v" to paste the button code into the post. Then go back up to the right coner of the post and hit "Compose" the button should show up in the post and you can even click on it and move it. If this is still to hard for now until you learn, you can always put there entire blog address in your post. Like ;) I hope this really helped. Jen

Kim G. said...

I can help out if you need it!

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