Thursday, July 15, 2010

They Were Moving By The 100's!

I am all for wanting my children and grand children to enjoy beautiful trees and enjoy the lush earth that I have enjoyed. Unfortunately, I hate the whole recycling process. I know that's bad of me, and yes I admit I do throw away my cans and bottles; I hear about it from my mother and husband all the time. I just hate the mess. I finally gave into my husband and agreed to give it a try. He was really good and brought home some plastic barrels to keep the cans in. However, he is not good about washing the cans out before placing them in the barrel. This morning I woke up and went outside to work in the yard a bit and was greeted by hundreds of ants. At that moment my husband was not on my favorite list, let me remind you that it was already 85 degrees out! I began cleaning up the mess, sorted all the cans from the plastic water bottles and off to the recycle center I went. I do have to admit when they handed me $22.00 I was very impressed, but I still don't like the whole recycling. I think I will treat my daughter and I to a frosty this afternoon. Maybe just maybe I will give it another try but their must be some changes made to this process! Have a great day, I know mine will be better than this morning!


the cinnamon post said...

hi kelli! thank you for your comment today...but i should tell you that it wasn't my wrist but my hubbys...that's how the kitchen got clean:)
we have a super recycling program where we are and are only allowed one bag of garbage and so we recycle everything...and also organic waste. once you do it for a while you get used to it!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I'm so with you on the recycling thing. Shhhh! It'll be our little secret. ;)

Marie said...

We have no choice but to recycle in our city. We save it and they collect it every other week. There is no money to us, we give the city money to get it done. It is a necessary aggravation, I guess!
Marie in NC

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