Friday, July 2, 2010

A night for the two of us

What a wondeful way to spend our 4th Anniversary together just the two of us. We dropped Ava off at my parents house and then we were off. It was so cute she kept asking where our party was at and what we were going to do. She was ready to party it up. We informed her that we would take her out to have anniversary ice cream when we got back. Our evening began by heading to a great steak house about 30 minutes from our home town. I love the decor of this steak house not to mention the food is great! As we sat in the "hotel" section of our western ranch themed resturant we enjoy each others company disucssing the days events and our upcoming adventure of remodeling our new purchase! Yes, we bought by grandfather's ranch house, a dream of mine that is now a reality! Its amazing how quickly four years goes by! After dinner we headed to a near by store to check out a few things for our remodel project. It was such a great way to spend the evening together. We didn't have to worry about being in a hurry, we enjoyed our meal and I can say I actually was able to taste the food, not inhale it. We love being parents but it is nice to have a mommy and daddy night out every now and then. Of course our night wasn't over, we picked up Ava and took her to get her "anniversary ice cream", of course with 4 cherries on top! This was a great night all around!


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