Friday, January 21, 2011

Mommy Madness-A little "ME" Time

I am linking up with Jennifer at Life with Lebedas Mommy Madness blog hop!! I love this Friday blog hop it allows me to gain the reinforcement that I need by the end of the week to remind me that I am normal and not the only mom feeling like this. It's a great opportunity to laugh, or just listen to other moms and their wonderful, exciting, stressful, hardworking lives.

Today's blog hop focus is Mommy Time.
How do you escape the madness?

My mommy time is spent working out or just relaxing in a quiet room. I tend to spend most of my mommy time working out since it seems to be impossible now days to have any room in our house quiet with a 3 year old. I am sometimes able to escape to my room without anyone knowing where I am but it doesn't seem to last long. Two days a week I am able to escape to teach my Cardio Kickboxing class and the other three days a week I take off on a nice jog. I feel so refreshed and ready to tackle life after I have had my mommy time. On the weekends I tend to put my daughter in the jogger and head out for a nice jog, even though she is with me it is still a great mommy "me" time. She loves to be outside and riding in the jogger keeps her so content.

I know how important it is for me to have my mommy time. I used to feel guilty but I have come to realize that it makes me a better wife, mother, daughter, friend, and a better "ME" by having some mommy time!!


Ember said...

Thanks for stopping by Remember Ember! I'm following you back and can't wait to read more! =)

Life with the Lebedas said...

Thats great girl! I know exactly what you mean. I have a 3 and soon to be 2 year old that follow me every where!! It's hard to fit in time to myself and a workout is exactly what makes me feel better. Thats awesome that you teach kickboxing. I've been thinking about taking a class but getting out of the house for my once a week zumba class is good. I'm looking forward to adding in running when it's warm enough here. Thanks for sharing your Mommy Time & Linking Up!

Enjoy your weekend!

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